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Leading Edge E-commerce Solution

Leading Edge E-commerce digital architecture is designed to provide a reliable and user-friendly sales platform through which our clients can streamline business operation practises and gain competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Responding to evolving online shopping trends, our ecommerce solution is completely scalable and can be fully tailored to suit your target market and industry requirements.

Ecommerce Features

The Leading Edge CMS empowers you with a highly advanced, easy to use product catalogue and inventory manager, allowing you to easily upload products and manage their properties via an intuitive administration interface.

Developed with flexibility that caters for both the retail and reseller environments, our E-commerce system enables you to create and manage customer groups, as well as giving you control to change product visibility and pricing structures for different market segments.

In addition, you can streamline business processes by enabling your customers with a login portal through which quotes can be generated, invoices retrieved and orders placed via online and offline payment options. With an entire suite of virtual discounting and up-sell specials unique to the Leading Edge system at your disposal, you can easily and effectively promote customer loyalties and maximise conversions.

Web Systems Integration

Our E-commerce web developers can seamlessly integrate with existing inventory systems, accounting packages, CRM's and 3rd party software solutions to complement existing sales processes.

Reporting & Analytics

Leading Edge's system integrates with Google Analytics and provides advanced reporting on your website's performance. Keeping you abreast of your shopper's behaviour and conversion statistics, you are able to respond to customer demands in real-time.

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