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Online Sales Strategy

The Australian e-Commerce environment today is constantly expanding.

Leading Edge Web will place your business at the forefront of the competitive online shopping environment.

As technologies evolve, online shoppers are becoming increasingly discerning. Through research and strong focus on client needs we come to understand your intended audiences, their expectations and behavioural patterns.

To meet the needs of modern online consumers we follow shopping trends and keep on top of technological advances and the latest in ecommerce development.

Maximising Sales Conversions

In the process of planning your online sales strategy, we will work with you to help formulate the optimum set of e-commerce modules to increase the up sell potential and identify the cross sell opportunities such as:

  • Enabling special offers & discount coupons
  • Volume buy price incentives
  • Product rating & comparison feature
  • Related products and discounting the combined purchase
  • Quote cart implementation, enabling streamlined enquiries on products that cannot be bought online
  • Members-only sale and customised incentives for logging in, such as unmasking new release products to encourage signup
  • Gift vouchers and online credits
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