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Requirement Analysis & Technical Scoping

Our requirements analysis & technical scoping process is designed to gain a full understanding of your project objectives and functional requirements.

We take the time to understand your vision and operational procedures that in turn enable us to respond with the most appropriate technology implementation to support your business.

Throughout the process of requirement gathering, we share our experience and industry insight whilst applying an analytical approach to test your concept and ideas.

Our process

Prior to commencing the build phase, we document detailed requirements that serve as blueprints throughout the project lifecycle. This includes wireframes and all the necessary detailed schematics for building the site. This document is presented for your approval and evolved throughout a continual collaborative process, upon which the project complexities are refined and the budget ascertained.

You can expect to receive fully tailored project briefs and other project management artefacts. In doing so, peace of mind is achieved knowing that requirements are thoroughly documented prior to building the project, assuring accurate representation of the originally imagined website concept.

"Our processes facilitate the best possible development of the product and allow the customer to track progress as it matures."

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