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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Increasing Brand Awareness

Integrating your brand into social media communities is a vital part of any successful digital strategy campaign. The modern face of SEO has changed and has become much more human focused than ever before. As such, Social Media Signals are one of the most important ranking factors in SEO today.

In addition to gaining Google credibility by social media exposure, you can build the confidence of your brand by delivering targeted messages quickly, to a wide range of audiences.

There is not one social media solution that fits all, and Leading Edge will help discern the most appropriate social media channels to engage your customers through. Among others, they include:


The social media leader is well and truly on the map for potential SEO optimisation, especially with Facebook landing pages for companies ranking well on external search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Facebook presents an opportunity for marketers to better connect their social content with searchers through optimisation.


Google isn't the only way for your business to be discovered online. With over 90 million global users, utilise the benefits this professional networking tool can bring by letting Leading Edge setup, manage, and optimize your LinkedIn profile for search engine exposure.


Targeting Twitter followers is one of the best social networking strategies to promote your business, partly because it is extremely simple to use. This makes it available and attractive to a wide range of users, and means business owners can easily use it on a daily basis. You are able to send frequent messages to targeted groups of Twitter followers with minimum effort.


Although the number of members on Google+ is far below that of Facebook or Twitter, this social network is still included in most serious SEO campaigns. There are also suggestions that +1s and shares on Google+ actually hold a higher importance than an identical like or share on Facebook, according to Google's algorithms.


Blogging is an excellent portal where a large number of pages can be added relatively quickly, with fresh, relevant content that is highly valued by search engines. This can also be a valuable tool in creating a significant number of Google indexed pages in the short term.